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evidence-based literacy practices and the Science of Reading

Whether you already attended a screening, just RSVP'd for an upcoming screening, or are just curious from seeing a trailer - here are some resources worth exploring. 

Resources are listed in alphabetical order.

Cox Campus

Take FREE online courses about the Science of Reading.

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Education Consumers Foundation

Explore reading data and tools from a consumer perspective.

Learn More about Education Consumers Foundation | Website | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn |


Learn about student-centered policy solutions that are increasing student learning, advancing equity and readying graduates for college and career.

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Decoding Dyslexia Wisconsin

Explore efforts to educate, advocate, and legislate.

Learn More about Decoding Dyslexia Wisconsin | Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | LinkedIn |

Dystinct Magazine

Free Download of Dystinct Magazine Issue 13 | January 2023 - articles by multiple people featured in The Truth About Reading documentary.

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International Dyslexia Organization

Answer the Question - What is dyslexia?

Explore Infographics

Learn More about The International Dyslexia Association | Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | LinkedIn |

Learn More about The Wisconsin Branch of the International Dyslexia Association | Website | Facebook

The Reading League

Answer the Question - What is the Science of Reading?

Explore Resources to Build your Knowledge Base

Learn More about The Reading League | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | LinkedIn

Learn More about The Reading League Wisconsin | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

Sold a Story

Listen to Sold a Story | AMPreports | Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Thompson Center Summit on Early Literacy

Watch the recording to learn about how Wisconsin can address our literacy crisis with Kymyona Burke, Emily Handford, Donna Hejtmanek, and Mark Seidenberg.

WI Reads | Literacy Task Force of Wisconsin

Featured Resource: 2023 Quick Guide for Training, Assessment, & Instructional Materials

Wisconsin Literacy

Learn About Literacy Statistics in Wisconsin

Find Community Based Literacy Organizations in your region.

Listen to Expanding Literacy across Wisconsin on WPR.

Learn More about Wisconsin Literacy | Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn |

Wisconsin Reading Coalition

Understand Wisconsin's NAEP Performance