Model Wisconsin Schools

There are school districts in Wisconsin that are using evidenced based practices. We would like to recognize these schools and reach out to them to follow their lead.

A District’s Journey to Selecting and Implementing High-Quality Curriculum

Presentation by leaders from the Stoughton Area School District at the 2022 State Education Convention.

Wisconsin Science of Reading Roundtable

The Reading League Wisconsin (TRL-WI)

WI Science of Reading Roundtable #1

  • Dr. Colleen Pennell, Carroll University

  • Lisa Hepburn, Madison Metropolitan School District

  • Kari Donze, Rice Lake Area School District

  • Misti Trowbridge, Thorp School District

  • Erin Conrad, Stoughton Area School District

WI Science of Reading Roundtable #2

  • Dr. Anika Paaren-Sdano, The Stern Center & Carrol University

  • Jeanne Schopf, Sturgeon Bay School District

  • Amy Brunsvold & Nicole Demske, Thorp School District

  • Dr. Kelly Thompson, DC Everest School District

WI Science of Reading Roundtable #3

  • Kim Feller-Janus & Deb Lyons, The Feller School

  • Sarah Rowse-Borrelli, New Berlin School District

  • Brady Reinke, New Berlin School District

  • Angie Stokes, Eleva Strum School District